Honoured To Be A Cabinet Member

I would like to thank the Mayor for nominating me as a Cabinet member with shared responsibilities for Parks, Neighbourhoods and Transport. It is a great honour, and I look forward to working with my councillor colleagues, officers, organisations, residents and businesses.

This will be a very exciting role as we work together to achieve our manifesto commitments. I will work towards increasing children’s access to the arts through the promotion of the Arts Mark in schools. The Government over the past 8 years has undervalued the creative arts in school. Yet in a competition this year to find the best teacher in the world, it was a textile teacher, Andria Zafirkou, from Brent who won.

I shall work towards enriching our local culture by developing a Night Time economy strategy which focuses on our arts and music spaces. I will enable more cafes and restaurants to stay open late in the evenings to enhance our town centres so that they are lively hubs, not only during the day, but into the evening. I will work with others to make Lewisham into a destination.

Working with others I will improve and encourage cycling within the borough for all ages, including working with TfL to provide a new segregated cycle route connecting Deptford to Downham. Improved transport links are extremely important, and none more so than the Bakerloo Line Extension. Not only to Lewisham but lobbying and campaigning to see it extend to Catford and beyond.

Our roads, and particularly our highways are just one of the ways that many who travel through Lewisham gain their first impression of Lewisham. I will work hard to make that impression a good one.

I know there is much to do, and I will work hard to fulfil my role, working collaboratively with others.

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