My Lewisham Deptford CLP BAME AGM REPORT 2013/2014

2013 BAME AGM was held on Saturday 2nd November 2013, and I was elected Chair. The areas BAME members wanted to look were:

  • What are the difference functions and Groups within the Constituency.
  • How can we increase voter registration amongst Black, Asian & Minority Ethnics (BAME)?
  • How can we encourage voting? What do we tell are Friends & Families about what the Labour Party plans to do?
  • What are all these abbreviations that are used within the party?

Together we have been working on these, some of which are things that we still need to keep working on, for example increasing BAME voter registration, and voting.


2013/2014 BAME Successes

It has a busy and successful year some of which is highlighted below:

  • How Lewisham Deptford Constituency Works document created. This was then presented to BAME Members in a meeting and open discussions. This document is and will be used for the whole constituency members and new members.
  • The How Lewisham Deptford Constituency Works document also contains common abbreviations used by the Labour Party locally and nationally. You can view the document here -> Lewisham Deptford – How We Work Together
  • Members have been encouraged to encourage their friends, neighbours and families to register and vote.  The newsletter created to encourage this for BAME members was also sent out to be used in all the Wards in the Borough of Lewisham, and many wards sent it out to their membership.
  • Encouraging members to apply for the Councillor Candidate  I believe 2 members are now on the Panel. We will continue to encourage members to do so when the Panel opens again.
  • BAME have 4 elected councillors in Lewisham Deptford, which is 19%. Among all Lewisham CLPs it is 22%, so it imprtant to continue the work in encouraging more ethnic minority groups to stand to increase the diversity among Lewisham Councillors.
  • Provided members with Labour Party 2014 Conference highlights
  • Encouragement to get involved in the General Election 2015, and supporting our constituency Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Vicky Foxcroft



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