Saving New Cross Gate Crown Post Office

New Cross Gate Crown Post Office provides a vital service to the local community and beyond, and to loose such services will gravely impact those who need this local post office most. This is a high demand and heavily utilised local Post Office. On Tuesday morning I counted 14 people queuing.

This Crown Post Office is in a central location in New Cross, at a major public bus interchange, where for local residents and businesses there is no alternative banking facilities.  It is used not only for postal services, saving, making payments, changing currency, checking passport applications, as well as many other key services. This adds to reason why the Post Office at New Cross Gate would be such a severe loss.

Speaking to one of the counter staff they shared their own and their colleagues concerns… they are worried about their jobs, and changes to their working conditions, and the impact on their families, but they are also concerned of what loss of comprehensive services they provide will mean for local residents and businesses. They will need to travel to Walworth Road or London Bridge to get to the nearest Crown Post Office which offers the same range of services.

I want to share with all some of the comments of local residents

One young lady said:

“I use the post office for mail, parcels, government services (driving licence/passport etc) and cash withdrawals. It makes the high street a community instead of just a major road full of traffic. The loss of the post office will also impact on older people, local shop owners and small e-commerce businesses in the area.”

A gentleman said:

“It’s been at the hub of New Cross Gate’s businesses, residents, pensioners, and students and is an essential lifeline. To close it would be a massive disaster and serve only to kill off the slow regeneration of New Cross Road. Since Barclays Bank’s branch closed next door, the Post Office is the only much-needed major banking facility in SE14!!!”

while another lady said

“This is well used post office which many people cannot do without. These places that people can walk to easily, especially those who find it hard to get around, are disappearing fast. What about the lovely people who work there? Will they lose their jobs?”

So it is important that we support the local Save New Cross Gate Post Office Campaign and the CWU’s campaign against this closure.

You can find out more about the CWU’s campaign here

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