Grenfell Tower – Life Is Too Precious – Update Relating to Lewisham

Many of us are shocked and horrified by the scenes we saw at Grenfell Tower, and my thoughts are with all involved, those whose lives have been cut short,  injured, unaccounted for, their families, friends and community. We have seen how so many have rallied in support from the community and further afield. I visited my friend who lives next door, and her neighbours so that I can see and hear first-hand from a community perspective.

We must ensure that all precautions are taken to check all such buildings within Lewisham, rectify any shortfall, and reassure those living in there.

In the letter Kevin Sheehan, Executive Director for Customer Services, has shared the working they have been doing over the past few days, this is shown below.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)

I have also asked that information be provided for our residents, procedures for evacuating and assembly points, as well as other points raised.  We need to ensure that as a borough we go further, we need to ensure that there are sprinkler systems, alarms that are tested periodically, emergency lighting, that fire appliances have clear access to the buildings, and that the hydrants are positioned appropriately.

We will need to work in conjunction with the London Fire Brigade and those who are responsible for such buildings in the borough, be they Lewisham Homes, housing associations or private developers.  We will also need to ensure that our housing policies are reviewed. Lives are too precious not to ensure that continue to hold our building developments within Lewisham to the highest standards, and that information from an inquest, inquiry, or any interim reports will feedback into any reviews and checks that we carry out in Lewisham.

Lewisham Council is liaising with Lewisham Homes, Housing Associations and private developers of high rise buildings.

All Council high rise buildings are being checked and those of concern are being tested. Mayor Steve Bullock is leading on this in a robust manner, along with Council officers. Further update will be made available as they arise.


Further information for those in Lewisham who have family and friends involved and how to assist and donate is given below:

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