Join a Union & Living Wage Campaign

To find out how to join a union click here

On Thursday I joined Union GMB with my Councillor colleague and friend James-J Walsh campaigning for a living wage for hospital workers.

In 2019 we shouldn’t have to be fighting for workers to be fairly paid. Everyone has a right to be paid fairly for a days work. Everyone should be paid equivalent of the London Living Wage.

10 years of Tory ideological austerity has lead to year on year increases of ‘in work’ poverty, a rise in foodbank usage and homelessness.

We have children going to school hungry, where the lunch time meal is likely to be their only hot meal for the day. Schools providing hot meals during school holidays so that such children do not go without.

We have parents going without food for themselves as they choose between eating and heating.

I am proud that we have our unions which defend workers rights, and fight against injustices in the workplace.

No matter what job or what line of work you are in I encourage you to join a union. When there is a campaign support it. Be there in there hour if need because they will be there for you.

To find out more about joining a union click here.

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