A Pleasure to be Nominated as Deputy Mayor of Lewisham & a New Cabinet Role

It is a pleasure to be nominated by Mayor Damien Egan to return as Deputy Mayor and in a new role as the Cabinet Member for Housing Development and Planning.

I would like to thank everyone I have worked with on recent years on Safer Communities. It’s been an honour and we have done so much to make a difference. We have dramatically reduced youth offending and re-offending, we have an award winning Youth Offending Service, implemented a public approach to youth violence, introduced a new violence against women and girls strategy, simplified licensing and helped many businesses with licenses during the pandemic as they changed and flexed during the difficult times during and between lockdown. Replaced and modernised our CCTV cameras and control rooms. Increases our mentoring program. Just to name a few things.

Although I am changing roles these things will always be important to me.

I am excited to be building on the great work of my colleague and friend Cllr Paul Bell.

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