Voting by Post – Early Voting

I have been a postal voter for a few years. I changed to postal voting initially so that I could focus on encouraging others to vote in Election Day. Since then I have discovered how easy it is to do and I no longer have to plan when I am going to vote on Election Day or worry if I am unwell.

My parents and son now vote via postal votes and they all find it great to do it this way. The voting ballot papers come in the post. You complete and put in the pre-paid envelope and pop in the post in advance of Election Day.

We have seen the benefits in the U.S elections 2020 of early voting. It has the potential of increasing voting and allowing more people to have their voice heard through voting.

Please signup for a postal vote if you have not already done so, and encourage family, friends and neighbours.

If you live in Lewisham you can print your postal vote form via:


▪️If you don’t have a printer you can also get in touch with the elections team at:

▪️or by calling 020 8314 6086.

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