Modern Day Slavery – None Of Us Can Be Free

None of us can be free – unless all of us are free.

So often people think that slavery is something of a by gone day.

That it is restricted to the pages of our history books.

This is not the case.

Knowingly and unknowingly, recognised and unrecognised it is all around us.

It is around us locally, nationally and globally.

How do we recognise it, what can we do.

We have to realise that slavery – modern day slavery can come in all formats.

From men, women, children woking for little or no money in exchange for food, clothes, sexual favours.

It can be that timid woman you see in the shop – rushing – timed to buy what she has to buy, collect children from school and rushing back again.

It can be someone working in a shop, a car wash, some one you see from a window but you never see them with a smile , a wave, strolling outside.

We can reach out and check that they are ok. 

We can report our concerns.

Things could be ok, but may be you are the one person who reaches out to them.

You could be that glimmer of hope for them.

Modern day slavery is real, it can be closer to us to than we think.

We all have to be mindful to it and not take situations for granted, and make a conscious effort to recognise it.

Stand up against it because… None of us can be free – unless all of us are free.

Free from Slavery… Free from modern Day Slavery.

Click here for information on the Modern Day Slavery and Exploitation Helpline.

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