Half Term Fun & Study

I have been keeping a look out for things young people can do over the February half term holiday. There’s quite a lot to do and I’ll be updating this blog as I come across them.

This half term is also a great time to catch up on work and revision, organise your folders or make a study and revision plan. It’s surprising how quickly Easter and then exams cone round. So just taking a little time out of this half term will help so much later on.

You can think about creating a study group. I’ll be adding links to this blog on some revision links I found handy when I was helping my son with his revision.

This reminds me that as parents, family and friends we have to remember that the lead up to exams is very stressful to our young people and we should be helpful, interested, ask questions, support, look out for signs of stress and pressure, and give a big hug because you care and believe in them.

Giving and showing you support and believe in them and encouraging them to start revising now will help so much in a few months time.

So what is on in Lewisham over this February half term?

First port of call is to click here to find out what is on for young people in Lewisham.

To find out more about the provisions for young people across Lewisham by Youth First click here.


When it comes to revision I am a big fan of Mr Bruff and his you tube videos for English Literature. You can view his you tube channel here. He regularly posts guidance, help and tips.

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