Councils Are At Breaking Point

Councils like Lewisham have seen their budgets to an unprecedented level. Council staff has been cut by over 50%.

In 2010 the Conservative and Lib-Dem proclaimed that austerity was needed and the countries deficit would be reduced in 8 years. The facts are that this Government has not.

Ordinary people are paying the price. We have seen more people struggling working but unable to make ends meet – ‘in work poverty’. A rise in the number and those in need of food banks.

Austerity – A choice the Government made has not worked and still isn’t working.

The cuts to Councils are of a scale never seen before. Councils are in financial crisis.

Labour Councillors have had enough. The Local Government Association (LGA) Labour Councillors have a Breaking Point petition open now ahead of the budget. LGA Labour are calling for fair funding for local govt. The petition is available here which closes on Thursday 18th October.

I along with many of my Labour Councillor colleagues have sign it.

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