The Windrush Generation – Let Down In The Autumn & Winter Of Their Lives

The Windrush Generation as they have come to be known, in their Caribbean islands they were taught British history. They looked up to the Britain who they refered to as the ‘mother country’. The point I make is that they were brought up to ‘Be British’, there were part of the British Empire upon which the sun at that time never sets.

They were invited to help the Mother country – Britain after the war. They arrived on these shores, some with their children, or who arrived shortly afterwards as citizens of the British Empire. Although invited they faced a hostile environment. It was difficult for them to rent, with signs of ‘No Black, No Irish, No Dogs’. In some customer facing jobs, there were complaints made against them and if they were lucky they would be relegated to back office roles. They had to face a new way of living in a country where the winters were much harsher than we see today.

They faced discrimination on many fronts, even turned away from some churches when they wanted to get married. They have worked hard to bring up their families here with pride and dignity despite the hostile environment they faced. Now we seem to be going backwards. Under a Tory government, the hostile environment for immigrants and particularly the Windrush Generation and those other Commonwealth countries has returned with a vengeance. In the autumn and winter of their lives they are again facing a government led hostile environment.

This is affecting people of my parents and my generation, and we have be at the vanguard of their defence and demand justice for them. I believe that if it can happen to people who were British before they arrived on these shores then it can happen to any immigrant. If we do not stand united and speak out for them, then who will be next.

The Windrush compensation scheme consultation has been extended to 16th Nov 2018.

No cap in compensation claims. Flexibility built in and financial support for organisations assisting claimants to name just a few things.

Click here to respond to the consultation survey.

If you or someone you know have been affected by the hostile environment created by Conservative Government please contact your MP. Click here to find your local MP and contact details.

Vicky Foxcroft MP for Lewisham Deptford will be holding another Windrush Surgery on Saturday 27th October 2018 at 2000 Community Action Centre, Grove Street, SE8 3GP, 1pm -2pm.

You can also contact her office or attend her regular surgeries. All cases will be treated sensitively and confidentially. For more information click here.

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