Black History Month 2018

October sees us in the UK celebrate Black History Month.

For me it’s a time to reflect on Black History here in the UK which goes back centuries. It’s also a time where I also look to the future and the generations yet to come.

My parents are part what we now call the Windrush Generations. They came to help rebuild the post war ‘Mother Country’, make a better lives for themselves and their families, some planned to stay for five years but life here blossomed, families expanded. I am grateful to them for leading the way for many, includes by myself.

As I look to the future with this current Conservative Government and their previous coalition Lib-Dem things are not so good for our young people. Larger class sizes, teachers overworked and underpaid due to the years of cap on their salaries, which although removed still fund them in real term salary deficit. Increase in mental health issues among our young people with longer times to receive help. Large loans (£50k approx.) for those attending universities and higher education establishments. Increase difficulties in obtaining a job. Apprenticeships which need a similar support to those at university. The list of increase difficulties, and this is not just for those of ethnic minority background, but if you speak to anyone of them or their parents they feel they are affected by these policies and lack of public funding more. That’s why for all I believe we need a Labour Government now.

In the meantime let’s celebrate Black History Month and the wonderful contributions made, are being made, and yet to be made.

There lots of events and activities in Lewisham celebrating Black History Month. Click here to find out more.

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