TfL Proposed Cuts to 53, 172 & 171 Bus Services

Friday 17th August social media buzzed with TfL proposed cuts to bus services routes for 53, 272 and 171. All of which run through the Borough of Lewisham.

On reading the suggested proposals my thoughts are:

With the 53 bus stopping at County Hall this will adversely affect Lewisham residents using St Thomas’ Hospital. At present the bus stop is at the front of the hospital, at the beginning of Westminster Bridge because the bus travels to Whitehall. Difficulties will arise if the bus stop is moved further away. It will reduce accessibility, particularly for those with mobility issues.

171 bus to Holborn is a very popular and important route for our residents. It is an important route for those for whom bus travel is the only affordable way for travel to Holborn, especially in the early hours of the morning and at night. It is a direct route for many of our workers and students to Holborn. Along this route are colleges and universities, of which some are

  • Goldsmith University
  • London Southbank
  • University of Arts – Elephant & Castle
  • Morley College
  • Lewisham & Southwark College – Near Waterloo
  • London School of Economics
  • City University – Holborn
  • University of Arts – Holborn
  • BPP – Holborn
  • 172 route change to stop at Aldwych rather than all the way to Clerkenwell. 172 bus stop used to be the 141 route, and is a route that has been altered and change many times by TfL it was only last year (2017) that it’s route was changed from St Paul’s to Clerkenwell. Now TfL are seeking to change it again.

    Full details of route changes can be found here.

    Many residents can only afford to travel by bus. Increasing the number of interchanges and shortening the route will increase journey times, particularly early morning and late at night. This will severely affect those in jobs such as cleaning, catering, security, hotels and restaurants, cafes. Jobs which are central to London as a thriving city. The unsung heroines and heroes of London.

    South East London of which the Borough of Lewisham is part of is very reliant on the bus network, as the tube network does not extend in the same capacity as other areas of London.

    I believe that we should object these changes to the bus routes 53, 172 & 171.

    For many of our residents travel by bus is the only affordable means by which they can travel to get to work, their place of study, see family and generally get around London. At a time when we are encouraging more of our residents to use public transport I find reducing bus routes and increasing the number of interchanges go against the grain of what the we are trying to achieve. In putting  the welfare of our residents first these changes should and must be opposed.

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