The Youth Violence Commission

Serious Youth Violence has been on the increase, so I very much welcomed Parliament establishing the Youth Violence Commission. I am pleased that the commission has my own MP Vicky Foxcroft at the fore. I know that like me this is an issue she cares about deeply, but also wants to do something about it.

The commission is seeking to develop policies to tackle and address youth violence.


Vicky Foxcroft MP  with Lewisham young people on the Victoria Derbyshire discussing Youth Violence

The website gives the background and remit of the Commission as:

“Following a debate in Parliament, a Cross Party Commission was launched in 2017 to examine the root causes of youth violence in England, Scotland and Wales. This Commission aims to consult young people and work with academics and practitioners in order to better understand how serious violence manifests itself in young people’s lives.

Whilst the Commission has the full support and engagement of MPs from across our political parties, it is neither funded or controlled by Government nor is it an All Party Parliamentary Group. It will therefore be operating independently in order to ensure that difficult questions can be asked and real solutions can be found. Based on its research and consultation findings, the Commission is then fully committed to producing a final written report with policy recommendations that will address the serious youth violence issue.”

Your voice is vital

The Youth Violence Commission is seeking input, ideas and solutions from individuals, the community, organisations, young people, and would like you to contact them through an online form which can be found here.

Ultimately this is a great start to looking into tackling youth violence. However, whatever policy recommendations made by the Youth Violence Commission, I sincerely hope that the Government will provide adequate funding, so that young lives are not continued to be blighted by knife crime and youth violence.


Further Information

  • You can give your ideas and solutions here
  • You can find out more about the Youth Violence Commission here
  • News and further updates can be found on their website here
  • You can also view and download documents and reports on youth violence here
  • Vicky Foxcroft MP – Youth Violence Commission page can be found here



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