We Need Bold & Innovative Action To Solve The Housing Crisis

Time and time again we see developments rising up across Lewisham that do not have the homes that our community so desperately needs. We see greedy developers building homes that young people growing up here could never afford. The New Bermondsey development was approved despite having just 2.5% of the homes at an affordable rent. That’s just not acceptable.

In 2014, Boris Johnson ‘called in’ the planning decision on Convoys Wharf, a large development by the Thames in Deptford. He approved the 3,500 home development with a derisory 7% affordable housing. I think that is disgraceful and we should not stand for it.

The 40 acres of vacant riverside in Lewisham should be used to give our communities the homes we need. We cannot keep watching developments rise up on our doorsteps that local people can only dream of affording. Too many of us are already living in the shadows of homes we will never afford.

Lewisham faces a growing housing crisis, and we are going to need to take bold and innovative action to solve it.

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