Empty Platitudes From The Conservatives

In recent months we have seen the bravery of our emergency services, our first responders, doctors, nurses and other NHS workers. Something they do on a daily basis whether on duty or not, as highlighted in terrorist attacks and the Grenfell Tower Fire. On each occasion Theresa May and her Tory government have applauded the bravery of those running towards the danger, and lauded the magnificent, tireless work they do. Yet today we are seeing firm evidence that these are empty platitudes. That their 7 years pay cap  – a 1% pay rise, which in real terms has been a degradation in their earnings will remain. Labour also had placed an amendment to the Queen’s Speech which called for an end cuts to the police and emergency services was defeated by the Conservatives and supported by their new bedfellows: the DUP MPs. So much for appreciating the work that they do in increasingly difficult times.

It seems an empty vessel does make the most noise, the Conservative government empty of any human empathy, knowing that in order to safeguard the security of this nation, the police and emergency services are working long shifts, are being drawn from different areas, which then leaves other areas depleted in order to give the semblance of ‘more resources’. Emergency services and NHS staff, dealing with their own traumas after assisting with incidents, nurses and other NHS staff having to support themselves and their families through the aid for food banks are over worked and certainly under paid. For these people the Conservatives and DUP MPs have said ‘No’ to ending cuts to their services. Yet expect them to do more, respond to more, with less of them to do so.

No lessons have been learnt by Theresa May or the Conservative MPs from the election or from recent events. Not from the warnings given by the police when they warned Teresa May , as the then Home Secretary, of the impact of reducing the police. No lessons have been learnt about the need to end their self imposed austerity programme, which is not working.

There is no milk of human kindness in this Conservative – DUP supported government. Actions speak louder than words so if they really want to thank and recoginise our police services, our emergency services, our NHS staff, out public sector workers then a ‘thank you’ is insufficient. ‘A thank you’ from the government does not put food on the table or keep a roof over heads for those trying to make ends meet, under increasing pressure and lack of colleagues to work beside them. They want action not empty platitudes.

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