Deptford Anchor’s Return Consultation

The anchor has been a symbol of Deptford’s maritime history, and has been greatly missed by many. It was originally removed during the renovation for the high street landscaping and road. It is something which Cllr Joe Dromey and I have always stated should be returned to the south end of the high street. This will allow the iconic Deptford Anchor to be in full view of those travelling from the A2 into New Cross.

The decision to reinstate the Deptford Anchor was made at the Mayor & Cabinet meeting on 23rd March 2017  at which I was pleased to make  to make representations advocating for the return of the anchor. This followed a petition of 3,300 people who had requested the Anchor’s return, and a meeting  Cllr Joe Dromey and I had with the Deputy Mayor Cllr Alan Smith and Council Officers.

Consultation – As Many Views As Possible Needed  – Closes 27th June 2017


Lewisham Council is now holding a consultation which is seeking the views of the public on the materials to be used for the reinstatement of the Deptford anchor, and whether there should be a plaque inserted into the anchor setting. Respondents of the consultation survey will also be invited to suggest wording for the plaque.

The consultation will close on 27th June 2017

To take part in the consultation survey click here

You can also view the document regarding the reinstatement of the Deptford Anchor by clicking here

Drop-In Session

There will also be a drop-in session at Deptford Lounge, Giffin Street, SE8 on Tuesday 20 June 2017 between 3pm – 7pm to enable the public to come and ask more questions and discuss the project with the Project Manager for the Council.

Deptford Anchor Reinstatement Information


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  • Deptford Working Histories

    the anchor never physically left Deptford …But the anchor campaign brilliantly drew symbolic attention to the wider misplacement, loss and appropriation of a great deal Deptford’s history. Now the anchor is due to return to public view – will Lewisham council consider requesting a return of the beautiful clock tower cupola taken without public consultation from the Deptford Dockyard Storehouse and currently atop a shopping precinct in Thamesmead ? See second paragraph onward in this link for in depth details and National Archives reference


  • Hi Brenda, the Council are putting the anchor back in the wrong place – hidden behind trees and a rubbish bin. It will not serve as an important landmark in this sidelined position. It needs to be in the centre. Please help us get it back in the right place.


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