Congratulations To Our Labour MPs

Congratulations to all our Labour MPs and particularly our Lewisham General Election 2017 candidates:

Vicky FoxCroft – Lewisham Deptford

Heidi Alexander – Lewisham East

Ellie Reeves – Lewisham West & Penge

Each with significant majorities, and a warm welcome to our newest MP, Ellie Reeves.  I look forward to working with all our brilliant MPs, who have added to the number of Labour women MPs in Parliament.

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It has been an extremely busy campaign for all candidates, their team, members and non-members who just wanted to help to secure a Labour victory. Thanks to Jeremy Corbyn and his team we had a fantastic Labour Manifesto 2017, which was a pleasure to discuss on the door step. Jeremy left very few stones un-turned in reaching out to the electorate. There was something for everyone which stretched across the age groups, and galvanised those voting for the first time, and  those who felt politics was not for them. Young adults came out and voted in numbers we have not seen before. I hope this is just the start of their continued involvement in the political process and using their voice at the ballot box.

Many of our members and non-members went in their droves to help in other marginal areas, and other helped by telephoning in groups or individually. It was a great Labour Team effort, which we can all be proud of. A big thank you also goes to those who helped on Election Day, who built on the ground already carried out be members on the doorstep over the weeks of the campaign. This election shows what we can achieve when the Labour family pulls together.

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Huge congratulations to all the candidates from the Jo Cox Women In Leadership Programme:

Name  Seat
Sara Hyde Bromley & Chislehurst
Philippa Thompson Preseli Pembrokeshire
Angie Airlie Wealden
Ruth Alcroft Carlisle
Ashley Dalton Rochford
Rosie Duffield Canterbury
Preet Gill Birmingham Edgbaston
Carol Mochan Aryr, Carrick & Cumnock
Vikki Singleton Morecombe & Lunesdale

I am so proud of my fellow sisters from the programme. All did so well, and  especially to Preet Gill and Rosie Duffield who are now new MPs in Parliament.

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It is wonderful to see that there are now 119 Labour Women MPs in Parliament.


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