Young People – Your Vote, Your Voice

If ever there was a time to vote then it is now. It’s a shame that the Tory government decided to call this snap election on 8th June, slap bang in the middle of the exam period. So not only will it alienate the over 18’s in further and higher education, but also their teachers, support staff and lectures who are helping to support them through their exams and dissertations.

If the 18+ are anything like my son, then this election is an extremely important one for them. To say my son was distraught on 24th June 2016 on hearing the result of the EU referendum would be an understatement. In fact the woes of the EU referendum, and the possible impact on him and his peers lasted for weeks. Long after I had accepted the results, his conversations intermittently still went back to the referendum.

This election will be the first chance for many young people to voice their opinion on vital issues which are affecting them. It is their opportunity to voice their opinion on:

  • Brexit brexit
    • Affect on businesses, jobs, education fees, working conditions, Erasmus opportunities.
  • Increase in university tuition fees
    • Greater debts and pricing out working class students from University
  • The need for more and diverse apprenticeships
    • More assistance to to apprentices e.g. accomodation and subsided travel
  • A broken housing market, where it will be extremely difficult to afford a home
  • Underfunded & privatisation of the NHS
  • Reduced employment opportunities
  • Rising transport costs & poor services
  • School budget cuts – Unfair schools funding formula
  • High pollution levels
  • Increase mental health issues among the young
  • Reduce funding to local government

This list is just a few examples.

This is why it is important to register to vote. It takes less than 5 minutes & the only information you need is your National Insurance number.

To register to vote click here

During the exam period or if you are going to be busy or away the apply for a postal vote – click here.

If you live in Lewisham click here  and post to Electoral Services, London Borough Of Lewisham, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, SE6 4RU

This is your time to use your voice by using your vote

For more information about voting for young people go to Bite the Ballot

register to vote

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