Congratulations Millwall FC – EFL Family Club of the Year 2017

It is well deserved congratulations to Millwall  FC on winning the Nickelodeon Family Club of the Year trophy at the annual EFL Awards. It is an accolade that is well deserved. In my experience Millwall has always been a welcoming club when I would take my son and his primary school friends to see Millwall play on the odd Saturday afternoon.  The adult fans near us was always considerate of our group youngsters. Made room for them when we went for our half time snacks.  They loved seeing Zampa strolling around. We were always made to feel welcome, and on hearing of their award I was reminded of one particular trip to the club in 2007, when in their kits my son and his friends were able to get a photo taken on the Millwall Community Trust astro-turf.
DarnellIt wasn’t the actual pitch that day, but they were so excited. They are all a lot older but I am sure the matches form part of their primary school memories. They are a lot older now and I don’t want to embarrass them, although I’m sure my own son will forgive me (I hope).

Since those days Millwall FC has gone from strength to strength in engaging with community and promoting and making match days a truly family experience. The Chief Executive Steve Kavanagh explained just why Millwall FC rightly deserved to win Family Club of the year 2017. For me it’s just acknowledging what Millwall’s always had been, and built upon to be recognised in such a fantastic way. Congratulations Millwall FC.

If you would like to know more about the Millwall’s EFL Family Club of the Year Award Click here.

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