Music Through Therapy – A morning with ALIZA UK

Today I popped into the Woodpecker Youth Club and joined the Easter run project ‘Creating Music Through Music’ run by ALIZA UK.

img_9136ALIZA UK applied for funding and successfully received funding through the New Cross Assembly, and had also been commissioned by Youth First to run a two week Easter Project. Friday was the last day of the first week and I was fortunate enough to meet the young people who attends and hear from them all about the project and the song they had produced.

Marraine and Damien who run Aliza had through the week inspired and carefully led these young people from the local area, as well as a couple from Catford through discussing their emotions using ‘feeling’ cards. This led the young people to decide which feeling they would like to explore further. They choose ‘Depression’. The end of week culminated with the writing a song, developing the lyrics and rap sections. Everyone was able to contribute to the song, which they could then take a copy home to share and discuss their week with family and friends.

Aliza is a prime example of what an inspirational project can do to help our young people as they navigate their own feelings and help them without them realising it, because it is led and devolved in such a subtle way by Marraine and Damien. Many of the young people there did not know each other at the start of the week, and it was clear that by the end they had become firm friends, their confidence boosted, and new talents found or reaffirmed. They told me that it helped them to recognise depression in themselves or if they saw it in a friend. It made them more confident to talk to a friend if they thought they may be depressed and speak to someone to get them help. At the end of the last session they received a certificate and a goody bag. Many said they would be back the following week and bring friends with them. I have asked them if they would like to come to one of our New Cross Ward Assembly so that they can tell others about the course and share the song the created. A resounding ‘yes’ was the reply. So I am hoping to see them soon and look forward to them sharing the great work Aliza does with the young people in Lewisham, as they are just one of many organisations that do so.

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