New Cross Crown Post Office – It Takes A Community…

The campaign meeting to save New Cross Gate Crown Post Office met this evening. Organised by Laura a local resident and member of the Board of Trustees of New Cross Gate Trust. Gathered together were our local MP Vicky Foxcroft, Local Councillors from New Cross: Joe Dromey & I, Brenda Dacres; Telegraph Hill Councillors: Paul Bell and Joan Millbank as well as Councillors with an equal battle to save the Crown Post Office in Sydenham: Chris Best, Liam Curran and Alan Hall. Mole Mead from the Union CWU and a representative from the Credit Union, as well as many resident, and other board members from New Cross Gate Trust.

It is clear that we are all prepared to stand up and defend our Crown Post Offices, and join in the national campaign to do so. All had seen the loss of services when other Crown Post Offices had closed, and the Post Office Ltd representatives in their letters admit that many employees do not remain with the new franchise offering. CWU representative Mole Mead highlighted that last year only 10  out of 400 affected employees transferred to the newly franchised branch. That’s only 2.5% of experienced employees! The nirvana of increase footfall and boost to local business hailed by the Post Office Ltd seems not to be the case as union representatives give example after example where the Crown Post Office had closed and even moved into a franchise business as little as 400 metres down a hill in one example led to a reduction of footfall and closure of local businesses. This is something that New Cross Gate ill afford. The nearest Crown Post Offices are London Bridge or Walworth Road (Walworth Road may also be considered for closure).

So it is going to take a community, their representatives and the Unions to prevent this from happening. If you would like to help you can:

  • Keep up to date via Facebook like Save New Cross Gate Post Office
  • Sign the petition. They can be found in New Cross Learning and The Hill Station and the Royal Mail Sorting Office next to the Post Office, alternatively you can sign the online petition (Click Here)
  • Attend the Post Office Debate on 25th April in Central Hall, House of Parliament at 9:30am
  • Tell your neighbours and friends

Together with your help we can defend our Crown Post Office.

You can find out more about the CWU’s Post Office campaign here

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